September 11, 2023

McGuinness & Whitham '100 & counting' in Johns hometown!

McGuinness & Whitham ‘100 & counting’ in Johns hometown!

1 night only, Platform venue, Morecambe promenade, 28th September, 19.30hrs, details here

a look back at 100 TT starts with champion riders, John McGuinness and James Whitham!

The Morecambe Missile will be hosting an informative, humorous and laid-back evening of stories, chat and banter looking over John’s career and the Isle of Man TT specifically. A real fan’s man, this event is your chance to hear it all from the man himself. It is delivered exactly as you would expect – uncut with no frills and lots of humour. John is the last man to leave the event and he always hangs around and meets everyone at the end of the show. John’s appearance at this event will benefit Unique Kidz and Co, a local charity founded in 2009, that provides life-changing support to young people with disabilities and their families.